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Aerial Ladder Truck Replacement Project

The details of our Aerial Ladder Truck Replacement Project can be found by viewing our Newsletter online at the following link to our

We will be hosting an Informational Meeting on 11/29/2022 at the Fire Station at 7pm to further discuss the project and answer any questions you have in regards to the vote on 12/13/2022
Below we've highlighted just a few of the many improvements the truck will offer our comminuty

Safety Systems


Our current 2002 Ladder Truck known as Ladder 65 does not have any crash safety systems. Airbags as you may know are a standard feature in every vehicle on the roads today. The newly designed Aerial Ladder Truck will have airbags for protection for the driver and passenger in front seat.

Advanced Technology

Modern Control Systems

Vehicle mounted camera systems provide another layer of situational awareness and blind spot mitigation around the vehicle. Viewer systems that allow the operator to see the entire perimeter of the vehicle in a single glance and see traffic lights and overhead obstructions. 

Fire Truck 360-degree Backup Camera.jpeg
Pierce Ladders Overview.jpeg

Ladder Improvements

LED Lighted ladder-way for easier climbing

Our committee has designed a truck for easier climbing and a fully lighted ladder. Each section will be illuminated to help victims get to safety faster and safer at night. These improvements are critical to help save lives when seconds count.

Crash Protection

Advanced Safety Features

Pierce Manufacturing is the leader is enhanced safety features. The newly designed Ladder truck will provide our firefighters with a high level of protection. The safety for our members is a priority. Safety and quality that is made in the USA!

Occupant Protection Fire Truck Cab Crash Testing Side Roll.jpeg
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